Legalise Dope

i do in the main because my sister uses it as a sleeping tablet an it helps block bad dreams and also its known to help ms sufferers and its good to get blasted every now and then however on a cautionary note it can also lead to other drugs dealers with dope usually have other stuff too and in large quantities it can lead to drug psychosis an ive met a few people this has happened to but alcohol and cigarrettes also lead to health problems in excess so i think dope is more in league with them
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1 Response Dec 14, 2007

If marijuana was decriminalized, there's no way it could lead to harder drugs 'cause no one would be dealing with a dope dealer. I've never seen drug psychosis from marijuana (only) in my 35 years of experience smoking the stuff. I've seen people act MUCH worse from alcohol alone and in combination with other illicit drugs.