I Some Regards Yes, I Do. ...

I some regards yes, I do. While I do not smoke marijuana myself, common sense does seem to dictate that by legalizing marijuana would allow for a greater increase in supply than the subsequent increase in demand, thereby lowering the street price of the drug. Cheaper drugs mean that it would be cheaper for junkies to get their fix, likely leading to a decline in petty crimes such as theft (often commited by those addicted to drugs in order to pay for their drugs).
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4 Responses Dec 14, 2007

IT'S NOT A THING OF BEING A POT HEAD, IT'S BEING A MARIJUANA USER. marijuana got a bad name back in the 60's , lsd was on the rise among pot smokers back then along with other really bad drugs.

junkies? We're talking about potheads, aren't we? I don't think the word "junkie" applies.

Ya, thats more what along the lines, particularly with marijuna being a gate way drug and all. Increasing its availability, and decreasing its cost would also take away funds that organized crime rings use to produce and traffic other drugs such as meth.

i seriously don't know any potheads that would steal to fund their habit- i lay that (mostly as im sure there are some pot heads that do.. there has to be) at the feet of the other addictions- the ones that are physically addictive