All Profits Stay Home

here it is again-my story.when i was a kid i walked in on a deal in my dealers house.first let me say this.we were running meth those friend the rug would surprise me by telling me everybody i knew,what they were getting and day up the castle i ask rug how do you know this.he shows me a list of all the big dealers,what their getting and when is on the list.when i ask where it came from he says there is 3 guys who control everything coming into the tri-state area.nj,pa and maryland.bobby got this list to decide who he was going to rob.bobby was genovese.back to the deal.i walk in without knocking.coming up the hallway i hear this.there is a ship off the coast with 300 tons of imported weed on it and when that runs out,you will never see foreign weed in america again.when i came around the corner i saw $100,000 on the table in front of someone and 20lbs of thai weed in front of my man.they **** when they see me.earl picks up an once pushes it at me then me out the day i go back and ask what the heck was that last night.earl was a conasuir,he pulls out 3 mason jars.acapulco gold in one,thai stick in another and panama red in the last one.he says that was the governor of a local state.he said the people who run this country run the weed and that they just gave the people who run panama,mexico and thailand a billion $ each for them not to send anymore weed here.that from now on all the profits are going to stay here.mexico renigged so the 82nd airborne went into mexico and sprayed their pot fields with paraquat a kerosene based chemical i think,that made their weed unsmokable.the rangers went in and cut down medicinal crops in california.our elite forces enforce the weed business for those who run might of been rangers in mexico and 82nd in cali but i think i'm right.i thought ,especially the night obama won and a reporter said do you smell that,they were puffing like indians in the crowd in chicago.that maybe weed would become legal soon.he picks hillary to be sec of state.don't get me started about the clintons.i'll explain in another story(blog)soon.then he brokers a deal where some of the people who run the world(money people)pick up alot of america's debt real things happen closely.sestak is offered sec of navy so arlen spector can run for senate,you know,spector who was what inventor or advocate of the magic bullet that killed jfk.but it is this that convinces me obama is running with the boys who run the world.a day before top kill is going to stop because it isn't working,the dog show begins on a gulf coast beach.1st its an attack dog,you know one who wants to kick ***.were suppose to believe he is on top of things.those people made him say what he did to relieve our anxiety.the 20 billion$ was thrown at us for same reasons but will not ever be near enough to cover this tragedy.anyway,think what all the new taxes off of weed could do.
barryd31 barryd31
46-50, M
Jul 21, 2010