I love her Everyone should smoke weed to see whats up!
I think Bud should be legalized because it is truely the best medicine in the world it almost heals everything!

Andres8D Andres8D
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

No. They're MY cookies. And you don't ask precious things to people. Even more when they lack financial budget. Shame on you!

Marry jane is marijuana! hahaha<br />
Do i like cookies? hmmm yes i do. <br />
Are you going to hook me up with some or what?

Who is Marryjane? Is it the same Marryjane who like Spiderman??? If yes, too bad for you, she's a fictive character. But you could stick with Kristen Dunst, you have some luck on your side after all.<br />
Do you like cookies?