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I am 61 and retired. All done being enslaved and generating money for others who saw me as a SUBordinate. For the past 8 years I only bought weed for myself on Thanksgiving and it lasted until Jan 1. Now my time is my own. I know I am going to enjoy weed like I never did before. I'll be relaxed and use it to enhance the things I enjoy which is what I used it for when I started smoking in 1966.No job or responsibilities to others anymore. I would like to find/know if there are any more Senior stoners out there who are old enough to not have any shame or guilt about smoking weed. I think there might be tons of us just being quiet out there. Anyone else out there enjoying retirement, waking up when you want to, planningyour day around your own needs and desires? No night is a "school night" Mondays are no longer dreadful. I feel so free I want to talk to others about it. Peace
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Lets do a bong hit and get naked :)

you are 65 NOW.... WOW.. But i never smoked. :(

It's not for everyone. Being an old hippie makes a difference. Thank you for reading and commenting dragon!

I can count the number of times I have ever smoked marijuana on both hands. And I have no overwhelming desire to try it now. But if I knew I had some safe DMT......I'd do that in a minute.

My mother smokes, my grandmother smokes and my mother in law smokes. My hub doesn't smoke because he's a trucker and gets tested. He's the only non smoker in the family lol.

I am amazed and thrilled at how many seniors are stoners! It's a beautiful thing. Thank you for the great response Redneckmom.

I smoked a joint two years ago, I got it on my birthday in July, finished it in February, ONE Joint, perhaps I was too frugal. :D

Funny! Weed isn't for everyone. I only smoke a few times a year these days when I am in pain or with friends. So many people don't understand the difference between "use" and "abuse" I'm wondering hillbilly...did it put you to sleep? Make you laugh at silly things? or make you paranoid?

I don't use drugs but I honestly see no harm in marijuana.many studies have shown its actually beneficial.

Haha this is awesome. I wish marijuana were legalized, too, my grandma doesn't smoke anymore but she likes using the topical oil on her joints for her arthritis- when she can. I wish it were legalized so it were more available to medical patients as an alternative to the prescriptions that are so hard on the liver and kidneys.

But yeah, I think it's freakin awesome that you're enjoying your retirement. And are so open and free and relaxed. :D all the power to you!

Oddandsingular, I'm not far from your peaceful insubordinate lifestyle! I can say with 100% certainty that I will be a smoking senior too. For 30 years I have had a relationship with weed & I don't feel funny about saying that. <br />
I am proud to say that in my lifetime, so far, I have never embarrassed myself, gotten a DUI, or thrown up past the age of 17 from the likes of alcohol. If there should be any war on recreational whatever, it should be against alcohol. I know this is not a popular stance, and I'm not so uptight that I think it should be enforced. It's just something that I think should be considered. I've watched many lives ruined through alcohol, but never from smoking. <br />
I've gone anywhere and everywhere while high. I've talked to snobs and homeless, I've shopped, I've worked . . . it has never caused me any grief. I've never lost a friend to weed, only gained some. <br />
All I'm saying is that I feel lucky to have found weed at a young age. It has enriched my life simply by making it more fun and I see no reason to stop. Sure, I could have lived without it, but why?<br />
I look forward to no schedule and throwing my watch down on my dresser for good. Your post makes me even more excited!

I don't know how I missed this excellent comment! Thank you rottenrobi...if you are still here....I could have written these words myself !

yea it is too bad that the war still lingers and its still being lost. It orginated back in 1933-34. Nixon ramped it up and Regan threw full on the fire. Most of this occured while I wasnt born or a child, but it seems like very litte was accomplished, an like was stated so much time and money was wasted. I'm not for hard drugs, but weed has been around for thousands of years and will be long after us. I am glad to see that all ages can enjoy it and still do. I have to admit that i didnt think my elders would or still enjoyed the magic herb...and was really hell bent on eliminating it. SO thank you all for your posts. If we get enough people together maybe we can finally set it right. I mean after all cigarettes are legal and way more deadly than herb, not mention has many chemicial compounds we dont know about., while weed doesn't so wheresthe logic in that... keep enjoying out there and lets stick together.

I am also from your generation but, although retired from 1 career, I am now faced with reinventing myself to compete in this tough economy. It is strange (and in my case - not so wonderful) that decisions made in the past lead us down many different paths.<br />
I am encouraged that state governments are leading the way out of the 'War on Drugs' which has damaged so many from our generation. Considering the length of time we have been pursuing this insane 'War', it is easily our longest and possibly the most expensive if you consider the lost futures, prison expenses, and revenues that could have been collected from a more enlightened approach.

Hi Kettle47,<br />
I love that you began your comment with "Man" You have a hippie soul. Yep, your work is done. You did the career and you raised the kids so now it is YOUR time. I love being this age. No bosses ! Although, I hear that Grandkids can be pretty bossy. There is so much to do and see in this world and we have the time to experience it if we choose to. <br />
Thanks for commenting and it looks like you are new to EP. Welcome !<br />
p.s. I'm a Sister, not a brother :> Peace

Man I thought I wrote that message myself. I'm 63 years old, retired from a pretty decent career, raised two great daughters who have started their own families and now its me time. Right there with ya brother.

we're everywhere, we're everywhere... ;)

Thank you for your comment Marji. I know there are tons of us out there enjoying it more than ever. I also have chronic pain just about everywhere. Nothing helps me more than weed. My pain AND keeping my "sanity"<br />
<br />
Be Well