Misanthropes Should Inhale

i browsed the experience groups and came across something id never heard of before a misanthrope?  sounds kind of like some huge moose or antelope but its not an animal.  its a person who hates humanity.  i read about 10 stories and that was enough.   these people are really suffering.  it occurred to me that they might really benefit from a little herb we all know and love.  i hope some of them  will try it.  id like to know if it helps.
clarkee clarkee
2 Responses Aug 11, 2011

I think there are sound medical, social and ethical considerations behind your presc<x>ription, Dr clarkee!

I am someone who has suffered from a chronic illness all my life-I could have any kind of painkiller I want. I would love for someone to walk in my shoes and see how they control their pain and nausea. It offends me to think that caffeine is listed as a more dangerous drug the grass?! The whole "gateway drug thing": a fuggin moron who perpetuates the black market for profit-(your local drug dealer, the government, DRUG COMPANIES, and idiots who can't read fer themselves) The only reason it should BE considered a "gateway" drug is because when you go to your piece of **** dealer-first thing he tries to do is bump your high to the next level. Yeah keep it illegal and let the scum profit-real smart! There are problems with legalizing it-first of all it is a weed?! Second, you legalize it and all the sleazy BIG CORP companies will fill it up with all kinds of terrible chems-look at MANSANTO corp and other companies that are terrorizing the family farms! One after another destroyed lives by this nasty corp!. I have to stand n the fence and say: LET A WEED BE A ******* WEED PEOPLE?!

well said myephaunts. It is simply a weed and we should be able to grow our own weeds in our gardens and on our windowsills. I agree that if it were "legal" the government and big corporations would get hold of it, control it and become the new drug dealers. Weed would never be the same. I have smoked weed since the sixties and never needed or wanted to move on to any other drug,