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Why Not?..

Smoking kills you, doesn't let you have a child, makes your skin bad, affects badly your cardio, etc.

Drinking alcohol kills you, makes you pee much, increases your tendency of going berserk, lets you decide wrong, blacks you out and deletes your memory, etc.

Marijuana makes you feel good, helps you concentrate, doesn't let you kill people, feels relieved and good, etc.

So, why not?
baron34 baron34 22-25, M 2 Responses Oct 20, 2011

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haha your a lawyer! MAKE IT HAPPEN LOL

lol.. I'm a lawyer, not the government.. I can only get people out of prison.. Besides, I have at least 2,5 years to be a "real" lawyer..

This is how I feel about marijuana, compared to alcohol and tobacco cigarettes. I don't understand why it's not legal.

me too. i consume alcohol and tobacco. but i never used marijuana. just because it's strictly illegal in Turkey.

aww that sucks. its illegal here too but i knows sum ppl that sell :D. u heard about amsterdam? people can just smoke a big *** blunt on front of a cop... haha