If Only It Were . .

I do miss taking in a good green toke or twelve to make life a bit more entertaining at times ; Ah , those were the days before ambitions of working in the medical field came to call and they all drug test . Sobrity can be it's own little trip I suppose . It's just damn ridiculous that a war has been waged against a plant has been carried out for years , cost untold amounts of money , put people in jail , and will never be won by those who want to impose their will on those who mean them no harm . Maybe someday the machine driven by the powers that be will finally break down for good and allow America to be a little more free .
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It's my hope that we'll finally get an administration to admit it's been a horrible waste of time , money and resources , admit that the U.S. can no longer afford such a waste and that every dollar generated will keep us from teetering over the edge into national bankruptcy . Maybe a little unrealistic but so is current policy .

Just think of how many much money this would save Legalizing it. It would free up courts, save money, the police could focus more on the crack houses, AND MAYBE capture more of the child molesters and Rapists!<br />
PUT it on the ballot, I would vote to legalize it nationally..... now pass those chips!

agreed...but, our country has brainwashed it's citizens into thinking that it's bad....that it will lead to use of harder drugs, etc. There is such a bad connotation attached to weed (and those who smoke it)....I don't think our society will ever overcome that mindset. And, since we live in a democracy, such a law would never be passed. Bf and I have actually discussed moving to a state that has legalized medical marijuana, but, even though you may not be breaking the laws of that state, the federal gov't can still step in and ruin your life. I think that is beyond messed up. What is the point of having individualized state governments if the federal gov't can override their laws. Of course I can see the necessity of that in certain situations, but pot smokers aren't harming anyone.

I relate! I have never heard of a stoner taking a chain saw and running anybody down with it, I know from experience that the only thing I kill is some munchies!.
Would cure alot of problems by legalizing it. Its fairly new in Michigan (new law) and already the radical law makers are trying to find a way to ruin it. Pass me the lighter LG

I agree. I firmly believe if alcohol is legal, marijuana should be too. Marijuana has been proven to be beneficial medically....you'll never see a doctor prescribing/recommending a bottle of vodka (or at least I hope not, lol). However, I don't think we'll ever see it legalized by the federal government or accepted by society as a whole. What a shame!