Duh !!! Marijuana Is A Useful And Not Harmful Drug

I used to work as the administrator of an eye surgery center, and I would see patients coming in with INCREDIBLE pain due to glaucoma.. In California, medical marijuana is legal, and I would see these patients (after I counseled them) feeling SO much better after smoking grass that it was unbelievable! My own husband had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in which his intestinal system would inflame and his stomach would blow up like a balloon... The first time he smoked marijuana, IT WENT AWAY!!!

While I think that it can be abused, like alcohol (which is TOTALLY legal,) I don't only recommend it for patients suffering from various symptoms; I think that it should be legalized throughout the US. I don't know if anyone reading this has ever seen the movie "Weed Fever" (I might be mistaken on the title, but it illustrates people smoking marijuana that have turned into criminals and prostitutes)....But it's bizarre, and totally out of touch with reality.

Legalizing drugs in general would give the US and State governments so much money that we could have good education again... lower college tuitions, and fewer student loan defaults. I don't know what 'type' of people are so against this legislation, but they obviously haven't had the problems that my patients and husband have had.

Let's get a grip on reality.. the 'drug war' isn't working... The only way to combat it is to take measures into our own governmental hands, and put these criminally wealthy people out of business. Drugs are ALWAYS going to be abused, just like alcohol,; but should we let drug lords get the profit that could otherwise be going to the Federal/State governments? Who could use that money to better educate our children, and provide for a better society in general?
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They are trying to legalize it in Maine!

I thought that it was already legal in Maine and Washington!

Not yet but they are lobbying hard to get it legalized here in order to get revenue from it!

Sounds good to me!

Its fine with me and why wouldnt the state want to take advantage of it!

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The reason marijuanna is not legal is relatively simple. It is not taxed and does not have the "legitimate" business interests and shareholders backing it,
It is certainly not a level playing field when so many injuries, deaths, family breakups and disease is caused by alcohol to point a finger at marijuanna with insignificant data to underline it at a health risk and furthermore prevent its useful medicinal use.

Fortunately it IS legal in Colorado,where I live. Alcohol is by far a more dangerous substance, but there are too many lobbyists backing it up. MJ will have its day once people come to their senses.

Hi Fish,<br />
<br />
Yes, the weed has so many advantages. As this can’t be patented the drug companies will make less money. When converted into OIL makes the best skin cancer treatment. <br />
<br />
The last documentary I watched on THC – showed that there are receptors in our brain that fit perfectly with the THC molecule. <br />
Nature has the best remedies for us – body/mind/spirit <br />
As in life like anything – when in balance or moderation then there is very little harm<br />
<br />
Thanks for this post.

Thanks for the info!

I totally agree! Well when/if it's ever legalized, you should throw a party and I'll bring brownies.

We're ON!

Wow... I never thought of it that way. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you for enlightening me :)

I think people should be permitted to use MJ and also that it be made legal for the growing and cultivateing of hemp. There are so many helpful useful and medically benneficial byproducts that it can be used for, like people dont realise that it is a proven cancer killer when taken in an unsmoked form. There are so many good things that Hemp can be used for that i feel it is the big greedy corparations of this world, proffiteering on thier dismal but expensive medicines, that apply pressure governmentally to keep cultivation of Hemp illegal so they can continue grow obscenely rich on their money sucking research programs for inferrior products and keep growing richer at the expence of the people they are supposedly acting in behalf of.

I'm giving you a standing ovation!

The reason that Marijuana is illegal is because to make it legal will compromise the economy. There would be less people suffering from illnessess that they don't have to, there would be less people buying drugs from pharmaceudical companies, less people going to jail for possessing it, and when people find out that it is edible and easy to grow there will be less starving. Not to mention interfering with the alchohol and tobacco sales and thus less taxes. There would definitely be less money spent on the ficticious war on drugs.<br />
In my years of being a police officer, I have never seen an accident caused by smoking too much weed nor speeding tickets for that matter, so guess what, less revenew.<br />
Our government has been watching and they observed what happened when it was decriminalized in Canada. There was less crime, less violent crimes, less domestic violence, less accidents and less fatalities caused by accidents. They can't afford that, when crime, criminals, sickness, suffering, starving and death are a major part of our economy.<br />
In every walk of life, in every profession and people of all social classifications use marijuana in one form or another. Wouldn't it make more since to at least make possession of it a fine, rather than a criminal offense or criminal sentence and fine it according to the weight (if you have a lot, you can afford alot), Wouldn't it make more sense to sell it on a commercial level where you can get taxes from it. It's a product that is easy to get, easy to grow. It is a product that can be bought high and sold lower than the street level price, thus impeding the sale of street level dealers.<br />
When Arnald Schwarzenegger was Governor of California, he suggested legalizing marijuana and selling it as a state. He estimated that the state would make 40 billion dollars in a year. I don't know about you, but if you multiply that by 50, even if smaller states made less, it would definitely make a dent in the deficit. But they don't want that do they.

I have to agree with you about making POT Legal,I do not have any idea of what it will take for the Government to do that< they have got this stupid stuff here in FL. called spice that is made to replace some thing that gross freely. I have talked with people that have smoked the Spice and they say it is some much worse then POT.That if you try it that they are not able to smoke a whole joint cause it causes you to have crazy thoughts and what not.

Wow...spice sounds really nasty. It's a shame that people just can't have their MJ dispensed by a medical clinic or a State store. I'm not necessarily against regulation because something has to pay for social services... but this whole situation has gotten out of hand.

That is true I do not know for sure --I have heard that the Gov. has a huge pot feild locked up some whwere for personal use.

The drug was banned ba<x>sed on greed. The cotton farmers were against such a hardy product. American lobbisist at work.....ya know big money. I am Canadian and we have the same issues. We kinda have to go along with big brother. One of the main issues is that society has been brainwashed into thinking that MJ is a gateway drug. The war on drugs was a noble cause by the first lady Mrs Regan. Yet very very misguided. I am not for children using MJ or do I want my children to recreationally start at a young age. Yet we as society have to realize that alcohol has many more issues then smoking a doobie. The stigma attached is enough for one to not speak out. Hell Clinton " did not inhale" give me a break. The strees relief .....he should have. More people should speak up regardless weather they smoke or need to smoke. Let the herb be what it is. A natural way to deal with pain.

I agree completely. It's rather sad that our government had demonized marijuana, classifying it up there with heroine and cocaine, asserting that marijuana use leads to use of other illegal substances. If any drug is the "gateway" drug, it's alcohol. In my opinion, drunk people display a much greater use of poor judgement than "high" people. What a shame and what a waste of viable income for our country, our people.

You're completely right, in my opinion. Alcohol IS the gateway drug, and whether or not it leads to anything further,the abuse of it can ruin lives and entire families....OH!... But it's legal. And why is that?.. Because there are a ton of alcohol-producing companies with enough clout to keep the industry going. Marijuana, on the other hand, is like alcohol back in the 1930s.. completely with the 'home wrecker' reputation, and the backing of religious groups and super-conservative politicians. But don't think for one moment that the cigarette industry doesn't have its finger in the 'pot 'pie. The second that this stuff becomes legal, we'll be seeing it in 7-11s, and everywhere else that sells tobacco. (And while we're taking aout it, tobacco is a drug, too!)
I've seen so many people 'cured' (not really changed permanently, but at least relieved) of some HORRIBLE symptoms. There are some states that have recognized the curing properties of this substance and made it legal with a doctor's permission... but personally, I think that it's innocuous enough to just be legalized in general. We can still impose age requirements (as though THAT's going to make a difference), or do whatever they did to re-legalize alcohol.
The Kennedys made a fortune warehousing alcohol until it was legalized.. and they're epitomized as the 'first family' of America. What a bunch of bullshit.
We need to rise up as a nation of people who INSIST that this prejudige be ended... and that's what it is... an opinion perpetuated by basically a handful of people who are too chicken-**** to voice an opinion based on REAL statistics and research. Thanks for writing! - JC

I agree, we are supposed to live in a democracy....for the people, by the people...blah, blah, blah. But, I believe most of our country has been so brainwashed about the "dangerous" nature of marijuana that they will continue to perpetuate the negative ideal of what kind of person smokes pot. I actually read an article recently about the growing # of stay at home moms who are admitting to smoking MJ. Instead of drinking, as was the thing when the previous generation of mothers were home with their children, these women choose to smoke to help them deal with the stress. I could relate to them all too well. I also smoke &amp; I'm sorry, but I do NOT fit the profile of the stereotypical "pothead" portrayed by the media. Smoking can calm my nerves, relieve anxiety, help with stress. It also gives me more patience and helps me just focus on my kids....I can actually enjoy spending the time they demand of me instead of being distracted by what else I should be doing. I'm sure some people can't handle smoking, but I never feel impaired. I am confident I could handle any emergency situation the same as if I didn't smoke. In all honesty smoking makes me feel "normal". I'm not anxious, fidgety, stressed, etc. It helps me get a clearer picture of reality. There are days I have not been able to focus on my duties (housework &amp; homework) until I smoke. After I smoke, I can sit down and feel like I am comprehending my class material instead of it making my head spin. I'm rambling....I obviously feel very strongly about this, and know from my own experience that it's not the horrible drug our federal government makes it out to be...not even close!