Not For Me . . .

I don't like it myself but I believe it to help people who suffer with chronic pain and therefore should be legalized.

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1 Response May 5, 2012

Not only is it awesome for folks in pain......It's wayyyyyy healther then booze ANYTIME and look how popular alcohol is!! It is totally crazy that pot is NOT legal! I have always thought it needed to be!!

we are alike on so many things . . . very cool . . . yeah to me its natures solution to the problem . . . it's stupid humans running the place thats the problem . . . but I can see in time the walls are breaking down on this and soon it will be legal . . . I think the government is only dragging their feet to find the best ways possible for them to benefit from it . . . a gradule dealer if you will . . .

I agree the gov. is stalling while they figure out a million ways to tax it!! I love that we are alike in so many ways too... ♥

me too sweetie . . . very cool . . . 8D