No I Don't Smoke.

I grew up around marijuana. It was normal to me. My mom, dad and all of their friends smoked. They never did it in front of me until I walked in on them when I was about 5. And I freaked out thinking they were smoking crack. My mom explained that it was just pot. (I had always known about it, just had never seen it)

When I was 8 I found out that it was illegal and was completely shocked. Everyone I knew smoked pot. Everyone of my friends parents, my parents, my parents friends. I didn't realize then, how big the world really was.

When I hit high school, I began smoking. I smoked all through my freshman and sophomore year. I was still a straight A student. I no longer smoke due to the horrific panic attacks it brought on after my friend died. It is not an exaggeration when I say that to this very day, every single person that I know personally smokes pot. My mom, my fiance, ALL of his friends, all of my friends, all of my family members...EVERYONE. If you don't KNOW that they smoke, you would never know, that they smoke. lol.

Not everyone is your stereotypical 'pot head'. You know, with long hair, baggy jeans, with the dumb look on their face, bumming off of family, friends, strangers. In fact, I don't know anyone like that. My mom has always had a stable job and I have never gone without anything that I needed. I never felt neglected as a child, or like my mom chose 'drugs' over me. 

You can't overdose on it like every other drug. If you ask me, alcohol is far worse than weed. My father was an alcoholic, and my mom is a stoner. Well, alcohol killed my dad, while my mom is still going strong smoking weed every day..all day.

No, I don't smoke, but I definitely think it should be legalized. I think we are wasting time and money jailing people over marijuana when there are far worse things going on in our country.

I never did, still don't, and never will consider marijuana to be a drug.

NoWhiteFlag NoWhiteFlag
22-25, F
May 8, 2012