Then And Now

I think it's interesting the evolution that weed has gone through just in my lifetime. When I bought my first sack of weed (and I use that term loosely) , I was 15 years old, and it was some dry, brown shake, but I didn't care. I smoked enough to realize that I loved it before the headache took hold. From that point on, my experiences and quality of product only got better. Whether I was alone or with my friends, we were always smoking in private. We would walk out to a nature area, I bought a proto pipe, always trying to shake people, because it wasn't cool to smoke out in the open. You couldn't trust people or cops and smoking could get you into trouble.
After high school, I moved to the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt county, Ca. I met people that grew and started working as a trimmer for money and trade. That's when my education started. I was so interested in the topic of growing that I took classes at the local jc, on what the teacher called the "pot scholarship". If you were interested and in college for the purpose of growing weed, you could sign up for a propagation class, and on the first day, be separated from the people studying landscaping. The teachers new that was the best way to handle it. It was pretty cool. Anyway, during the 9 years I was up in Humboldt, I smoked out of pipes made out of many different substances. I smoked from the smallest hand held bong to one that was so heavy it couldn't be lifted but needed 2 men to tilt it in my direction. I smoked hookah pipes that looked like octopus and joints that needed 3 people to hold. I smoked! But I still smoked under this veil of secrecy. I still could not walk out to the plants without knowing where all the traps were placed. Traps that could get you killed if you were in the wrong field. You had to act a certain way entering and exiting certain houses and under no circumstances could you be walking around town smoking weed unless you were in a group.
Now current time, 2012, in Oakland. I can go buy a licence, from a reputable doctor, that says I can go legally buy weed from a store. A store when I walk in that has 3 different grades on display, and each grade has at least 10-20 different strains to choose from. Get this, outdoor weed is always considered mid grade or lower.?.?. Which is cool because it's cheaper, but what? Anyway, I can also see or purchase any and every possible product that can be made from weed: Plant cuttings, Hash, Kief, oils, pre-rolled, soaps, edibles, whatever. And there's a cop outside keeping me safe while I'm shopping.
I can grow up to 32 plants in my backyard, legally, for my own personal consumption.
I can enroll in Oaksterdam, and take classes on how to grow my crop.
I can walk around anywhere, with out any questions, smoking my weed, if I chose to. But I don't personally. I wouldn't attempt this anywhere but Oakland, but here it appears to be safe. So far.
The feds are getting paid (how's that possible?), the state is raking in cash, even the city is benefiting. But it's still illegal. I love the idea of this new outlook on marijuana, but I don't trust it. I still smoke under my secrecy veil, and keep to myself as not to be labeled by the likes of strangers. At the same time, I'm kinda of excited. The thought of weed being legalized in my lifetime is exciting. But i won't hold my breath.
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I believe it never be legalized I think because of many in society have ignorance.and drug gangs that peddle anything.I smoke almost everyday and remember when you used to get it in match boxes.Nickle $5.00 for about 3 joints worth and seeds everywhere.I am a product of the sixties:)Love the stuff we get now. But I have to trust the seller for which I get my stuff.I could get the medical but it takes a huge amount of paper work here in Canada and Dr's here are not always going to help..We have right wing government that is trying to change Canada. and many people are unhappy..Scary government and right wing sectors that are so ignorant of the true facts.

The doctors here have profited greatly, and have gone out of their way to accommodate people who "need" medical marijuana. Our city was broke, and the 1.4 million dollars collected in tax revenue, was 3% of all the tax moneys collected from the city. 2 million went to the state of California and the feds collected $500,000. We voted for medical marijuana, and the use of it's money to help our broke city.
I read a statistic that it costs our state 150 million to arrest, prosecute and imprison marijuana offenders every year! That just seems ludicrous to me. You are right about government and ignorant people, they try to keep that which is scary to them, oppressed. I'm not sure if people are willing to buy their bullsh*t anymore!

times have changed (in SOME areas), but we still have a long way to go. Despite all the proven benefits, I just don't think medical marijuana will ever be completely accepted. One major reason being the huge pharmaceutical companies, another being the negative stigma perpetuated by ignorance. It's a shame really. Great post!

It is really tragic. I question if it could be legal in my lifetime as well.