Nightbird On Weed

I firmly believe and wish it would be but the truth is it NEVER will be. They'll give us a little leniency sure to perpetuate the illusion of freedom and chance. As if we have rights or as if we have any voice. Lemme tell you something, we might have a "voice" but it isn't heard intentionally. They ignore it. Step the **** outside and see how much they care about the world's needs. No, man. The government will never legalize drugs in America. NEVER. And sure as hell not weed...**** know how many innocent people are in jail for simply getting high? Profit, man. It's profit. All it is. All everything is. Look at each inmate as a dollar sign. Why is it illegal to drive and text? "Because it kills" Why is it illegal to smoke weed in many states? "Because it's harmful". No, no, no, no, no. Let me let you in on some confidential information about America and the government. They are very apathetic towards you. You, YOU are nothing. Invisible to the government as am I. Aint worth ****. The government doesn't give a a **** about our well being, man. ****...Everybody always tries to falsely uplift you. "We have the right to..." "We're protected under...". No. We have no rights, we have no protection. We're utterly naked to the American government and they gawk at our body, get horny with the promise of money and carefully construct bullshit laws to restrict enlightenment and freedom and to suck as much money as possible out of us so they stick their red, white and blue **** in our *** and hide it under God. The government doesn't give a **** about you. Do you realize how many ************* are in jail right NOW for what? Getting high. Didn't't get a little love on a random chick...didn't **** a child. DIDN'T STEAL ****. What are they in for? Smoking weed. Light a joint, get ****** in the ***. Bong? Rape in jail. Now I'll tell you why it's illegal. **** that bullshit about how it's harmful. ******* smoking cigarettes are MORE HARMFUL! Cigarettes kill ************* everyday, each time you light it up you killing yourself. They legal. ALCOHOL. I love it, you love it. Kills ************* daily. That **** is legal. Nah, it aint got **** to do with safety, **** that! It got to do with profit, business. God help us if some other country other than America got wealthy. Know why? Weed, the good **** isn't American. Weed, the goo **** comes from brown countries. Yes, yes. Amen to that? ha ha. Nah, man..**** idiocy is so ******* prevalent. Lemme give you two scenarios. A drunk *** ************ is one of the following: overly exuberant,violent or a jackass fool. Nothing else. I happen to be the violent guy but that's irrelevant. A lot of murder happens sober but a lot of it happens when drunk too. **** can get drunk and black out! Black the **** out! Not remember ****. You telling me you couldn't kill a ************? OK. And if a drunk ************ gets in a car? Accident or an almost. They drive like an idiot. A high *** ************ gets in a car? ha ha ha..****, you know what I'm talking about, man? A high ************ drives at what 2 mph? Ha ha ha..aint no pot heads involved in hit & runs. ****..pot heads aint kill nobody! Know why? All a pot head wants to do is get high and once he's out. You don't go through violent with drawls. ****..a pot head eat you out of house and home but he aint never gonna harm you. Alcohol. Alcohol is detrimental to society and to people. Not weed. Cigarettes, detrimental to society, harmful as ****. Legal. Now am I saying we should illegalize it? NO! People wanna get high, let the ************* get high. People wanna smoke, let em! People wanna drink, just ******* let em! It's just a dream though. They'll never legalize it. "The War On Drugs" is too ******* profitable, ******* fortune made from putting people in for bull ****. Like Pac said "Instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me" Whether it's legal or not ************* are gonna do it. ****..I wouldn't give a **** if death was the penalty for smoking green, would you? ****..weed is good ****. Praise the Lord? **** no. Praise the green. Praise the ganja. Praise marijuana.
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Dec 10, 2012