Mr. President

                   Add Revenue, Decrease Spending: Legalize Marijuana

Mr. President,

   You have asked for suggestions on how to balance the budget and reduce the deficit. Mine is not a new idea but it is sound on many levels: legalize marijuana use for recreation. Here is an analysis:

                   Revenue                                              Savings

Municipal:   Real estate tax on farms,       (At various levels)
                     points of sale
                     License fees                            
                                                                     Law enforcement costs

State:       Income tax for employees
                (Grower, sale, transport)               Court operations
                Sin tax on substance
                Sales tax

Federal:     Income tax                                  Incarceration costs
                     Social Security

   Alcohol and tobacco are both legal and I use neither. Marijuana use is a choice many make in spite of prohibition. We no longer have the gang violence that came with prohibition of alcohol and my belief is legalization will decrease violence and drug gangs. Mexico is melting down because drug gangs collect United States' that would stay here if legalization occurred.
   Two states have been bold enough to fully legalize and your friend Deval's state - my state - first decriminalized it then legalized for medical purposes. Do you intend to wait for all 50 states to legalize before understanding this is the will of the majority of people?
   Jobs lost in the prison system can be transformed into jobs helping addicts of hard drugs. The early release of truly dangerous prisoners due to overcrowding can be avoided.
   Please consider and act now.

   Most truly,

  UPDATE 4/9/2013: If you believe in legalization, WRITE! BE HEARD!! No squeak, no grease for the wheel.

Thank you for writing.  President Obama has heard from many Americans concerning the legalization of marijuana, and we appreciate hearing from you.


The President is committed to creating the most open and transparent Government in American history, and values your input.  To learn about the Administration’s drug control policy, please visit  Given your interest in this matter, you may be interested in reading official White House responses to petitions on the issues below:

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 Thank you, again, for writing.


The White House

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7 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm here in Colorado, so it isn't a big deal here, but I know a lot of people in other, non-legalized states that could really use it! I think that maybe I WILL write that letter!

Thank you for the efforts you are making to see that marijuana becomes legalized, we can l vote and do our part, it should happen very soon I suspect.

A nudge to your Congressional Rep will help get this bill out of committee for voting into law. :)

I am more than happy to make it a must do as with a letter to The President , I have written before.

My featured story, containing financial reasons for legalization, was a letter I sent to Obama.

I need to read this

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"make the most of Indian hemp. Sow it EVERYWHERE." - George Washington.

Amazing how few know Washington was a hemp farmer, isn't it?

While I believe cannabis should be decriminalized, we shouldn't promote false info any more than those opposed should promote that weed leads to heroin. Washington, by all accounts I'm aware of, promoted hemp for fiber make clothes. We don't want to be as guilty as the opposition of using falsehood to further our argument

What's false about my increasing revenue argument? Colorado and Washington are beginning to enjoy additional revenue streams. To deny marijuana has health benefits makes liars of the researchers who found that it does. It wasn't approved for no reason in so many states already.

There was nothing technically false. The implication that Washington was growing hemp for the same reasons we're discussing here is misleading.

The OP's argument was about the economic benefits. G.W.'s hemp farming was for economic benefit too. There's no contradiction here. I can't imagine that G.W. would have been against making the U.S.A. self-sufficient in hemp production if he had known of the medicinal potential of Indian hemp (which was unproven at the time, though hemp preperations were already used as medicine!). Surely hemp's medicinal potential only adds to it's value?

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Wow that is a great , Logical argument...and I was for Legalizing before but now you have Totally convinced me it is not a good idea but a Great one!!.....

Great argument also, all parts of the plant can be used to create papre fabric etc cannabis also uses more CO2 and releases more oxygen than any plant on the planet so it is more environmentaly friendly to plant grow and harvest weed than trees.

It's also one of the fastest growing plants. Manitoba Harvest sells a hemp protein powder which is a superfood. Give us this day our daily hemp from The Garden of Eden. :)

Yes!! is a great natural product.


Feel free to send this analysis to The White House...I did

They should Legalize marijuana, just going on your argument, it is a good one. !! :D

good luck...

I agree 100%!