I am temporarily living in America, and it just blows me away how many people are in jail because of marijuana. if it was legalized, it could be taxed, and distributed in clean facilities, then there would be a lot less people criminalized because of its use. It makes sense guys. In shropshire England where I used to live and am returning in two years, a lot of people smoked it, definitely not as bad as russia though, you'll never get the smell out of your clothes! Oh well, I've gotten off-track, but I still think it would be good as a taxable thing.
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Sometimes I think it is to keep the judiciary and the police employed. Why would anyone ban a perfectly natural plant which has grown since even before the existence of man. It really goes back to the old American prohibtion era where it is seen as something which people enjoy and takes them out of their world for a while. Of course they will mutter that it does harm, but it also brings pleasure and statistically water kills far more people than Marijuana

I didn't know water killed more than marijuana. I learn something new everyday I suppose. Glad to be back in Glasgow though. Hope you americans figure something out.

Yay colorado!