Equivocating Iq Loss

Anti-pot zealots claim herb kills brain cells, causes schizophrenia, etc, etc. An article in the respected Scientific American questions pot's virulence:
"Do other studies show a drop in IQ with cannabis use?
Røgeberg cites three studies in which cannabis use is not associated with declining IQ. He says that these studies show clear reductions in IQ for the heaviest smokers, but these are not permanent, and people who have stopped smoking heavily show no decline."
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Personally I think marijuana MAY cause IQ loss, but just as much so as the psychotropic drugs the mental health community push or the fluoride in our water.
Just like Aspartame which has more negative effects than positive effects (unless you count it's use in rat poison) but isn't illegal because it only affects people who have a genetic disposition to be unable to process a certain amino acid...

It didn't seem to hurt Thomas Jefferson's IQ... although the constitution did have a few spelling errors...

I liked the latest article on MSN about how many grandparents are now smoking pot and not caring who knows

The reason why I stoped smoking was because it gave me panic attacks ,it might have been laced with something though but I still support legalized weed

I knew one guy who got chest pains when he smoked. It was never determined exactly what they were but he couldn't smoke because of them. Every substance - even foods - can cause bad reactions in certain people.