Marijuana Will Not Become Legal Nationally!

The only real help to the economy will be through savings on the justice system. Nobody who smokes weed is going to buy it commercially and pay taxes, their going to grow their own. It won't be legalized because it puts pressure on the tobacco and alcohol industries. Plus, the "moral majority" will put their resources into destroying anything that gives you pleasure.
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1 Response Feb 1, 2013

It will become legal. Being in one of two states where it is legal now, the country is on the right path. Reversing prohibition was not the act of one person or a small group of people. It took many people and many states to force the federal government to listen to what the people wanted. It will be the same with marijuana. People will buy from a dispensary because they don't want the hassle of growing their own. (I can tell you personally that it takes more effort than just dropping a seed in a pot and walking away.) and paying taxes instead of going to jail? You bet they will pay taxes! As far as the other two? It isn't a threat... yet and honestly doubt it ever will be. People who drink now will continue to do so and people who smoke tobacco aren't affected at all because there isn't any trading one for the other. The two smokes are completely different. As for those that feel their actions are for the common good? Please, they will be outvoted eventually. Everything in time.