Pot Should Be Legalized!

I agree, how hypocritical that alcohol and cigs are legal and pot isn't!  There's local this bar by my house and a bunch of people go outside to smoke pot during the evening.  Apparantly the police don't have enough REAL CRIME to be working on because they've been harassing the people outside the bar. 

That's not what police are for.  People going outside to smoke POT in their car are not HURTING anyone.  Then they go back inside the bar. 

If they police want to pull them over for DWI, fine!  But not smoking Pot.

It's stupid.

TChic TChic
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5 Responses Oct 25, 2008

While you're at it, legalize Meth, Crack, Heroin, Special K and the rest of the lot. We need more deadheads on the street ...

Oh I agree, the police are just doing the job they are told to do the best way they can. It's unfortunate though, some of the things we all must do for the sake of our 'job'. And if I may paraphrase John Mellencamp 'Calling it your job, doesn't make it right.<br />
I'll have to check out the movie, but you're right. People need to stand together to be heard.

Remember now that the police do not make the law, but are only enforcing the law as it is written in legislature. Probably lots of cops don't agree with the laws regarding marijuana, but it is not their place to ignore it. They're just doing their job. If you really think pot should be legal, then start petitions and lobby your government for change. We elect the people who make these decisions; we should be able to tell them what we want. In the movie 'In Pot We Trust' (which is really a documentary) a young man goes through the process of lobbying change. He doesn't get it, of course, but maybe it's because he's standing alone. It's easy to ignore one voice...

You know I love and respect the police but some things they have to do are ridiculous. Smoking a joint should be a personal decision and the police really should be working on some of the worse things wrong around the cities.

I don't even smoke it, and i've done enough research to know that it should be legal. It can easily replace over 75% of all the medication that is used too. and hell, since the gov't would be avle to tax it, we could use the tax money to really throw off a few dollors worth of national debt :)