You Think I Smoke For My Health???

Yes. Yes I do smoke for my health actually. After being fed up with being sick and dropping quite a bit of weight, I smoked for my first time in over 4 years.

Every day for most of my life I have had nausea, vomiting, and little to no appetite. I have been to doctor after doctor for this and have been told such a wide array of different things that Ive wondered if the medical profession was just a sham. No medication has ever helped for longer than a month... specifically no nausea meds. I literally started smoking pot when I was in my teens because I heard it helped nausea and appetite.

A little over four years ago I had to stop smoking when I needed to because it was too risky with my career. Well Im sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Pot helps takes the edge off and Im at the point where Im willing to risk it. The only thing is that I cant smoke at home because of the family so I either have to go out and have that extra risk, or experiment with making teas and such.

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I agree that it is beneficial to certain health problems, I have experienced nausea for most of my life because of anxiety and depression. It feel that cannabis has helped relieve the symptoms of my anxiety and allows me to function.

I think it could be very benificial for certian health problems. It can be used to treat pain, nausea or even anxiety and depression. It's the only thing I've found to help my anxiety. Happy toking!

Make butter with cannabis as BaskitCase suggests, then use the butter to make baked goods. If you are going to make tea, you can steep cannabis- ground up bud works better than leafy material- in water that has already boiled, like making regular tea. You will have to experiment with the amounts to use to get the dose right but cannabis can be quite potent when ingested so start slow :)

"Experiment with making teas and such":<br />
<br />
Resin is slouble in oil or alcohol, not in water. Ice and water can be used to remove much resin from leaves, and it can be collected and dried. <br />
Dissolve in cooking oil or butter or clarified butter (Ghee) heated to no more than 90C, or essential ingredients will vapourise. You can store oil/butter in the fridge or for much longer in the freezer. Use in recipes that call for oil or butter.<br />
Never boil weed!! It vapourises into the air!<br />
There is also the alcohol method: It works best with ridiculously strong alcohol, not the usual 40%vol stuff you drink neat. Get a nice 80% Slobovitz and warm it gently in the bottle by placing bottle in pan of warm water. Weed should be in resin(hash) form or you will get nasty undrinkable cabbage-water & hops taste. If you cant make Ice/Water hash, try steeping your weed in warm water to remove chlorophyl, this doesn't always remove much of that nasty taste though. When your resin or strong bud has been soaked in warm alcohol for several hours, remove all solids that you can, by filtering through a wine filter. Now you can allow some of the alcohol to evapourate to produce a strong tincture. Tinctures can end up extremely potent. Keep indefinitely in total darkness in temperature close to zero.

The edge, yes. Pot keeps me from opening my veins.<br />
<br />
I have found that daily use (even such a small amount) has been harmful to my lungs.<br />
<br />
Tea, eh? Is steeping enough or must it be boiled?

i used to smoke when i was a teen but, i do think they should legalize it!