Sure, why not...Tobacco is legal, despite how harmful and addictive it is.

Why not weed? Actually...Why not amphetamines? Ecstacy?

Who gives a damn.

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lol legalizing ecstasy might be going a little far but so true about tabacco i mean i feel ciggerettes are waaay more harmful than maryjane is.

Wow, Golden Arrow you make a point I had overlooked. I was almost unable to get alcohol at age 14 because there was no profit in it, and there was plenty of money to be made from pot. So pot was WAY easier to come by in the port town I lived in. The dealers don't give a dam what harm they do, and neither do the licencees who sell alcohol, cigarettes and ***********, they both only want money. The licencees just have some incentive to keep it for adults only. I think it is best to wait until 21 for your first drug exp's, I know coz i didn't, haha!! :p<br />
And what r u laughin at?! :p

It would probably come down to educating children about drugs (not in the cheesey after school special fashion they're doing now...personally those videos made me want to try every drug on that list just to spite them). <br />
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I don't know...kids are gonna try stuff either way, maybe it's a matter of luck whether they continue doing it or not.

I also feel that marijuana can be very damaging in the hands of the very young - apparently research has shown it has a bad effect on the developing mind, those under 18 and especially under 16. My cousin battled a severe pot addiction, and he started when he was 12 or 13, it made his teen years much harder. If pot was legal then it could be regulated more and hopefully this could be prevented a bit? Not saying any method is perfect (i got drunk first when i was 13) but it would help i think.<br />

lol baskit

I completely agree. Unfortunately it's "immoral" to induce these drug highs and there's very little chance they will be considered for recreational distribution. Which is funny...since they're doing it with tobacco and alcohol anyway.<br />
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Though keeping it illegal also increases the value of these drugs...And chances are if they do become legal, they will be less potent. Most likely encouraging people to acquire them in "illegal dosages" or some crap...<br />
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I have already written on how forcing weed production into the hands of black marketeers is ruining the quality of my high so I will say no more..

An equally important point I think is that making something illegal is not necessarily the best way to reduce the harm a drug causes. Heroin is a good example. No one would doubt that it is potentially harmful, but most of the worst harm it causes (death by overdose, infectious diseases through dirty needles) could well be improved if it was legalised and sold in a healthy way.