Or at least decriminalized. There is too much fuckery going on in the world (war, REAL drugs, rape, murder etc.) For police to stop what their doing and arrest someone for smoking (or selling) a plant. Weed is not a drug, in fact it is a herb with special healing powers and it holds more benefits than side-effects (unlike the prescripton DRUGS you buy over the counter). I'm not one of those potheads who likes to get high just to get high, Mary Jane has been great to me since we met, she's my therapist, my medication (whether for pain, sleep, depression or boredum) and my inspiration and creativity. Without her I don't kno what I'd do or how I would react to most situations. I wouldn't say its n addiction (I have quit smoking before) but it def is a necessity at most times in my life. If you had read this far and agree with me please like it or do whatever it is you do on this site (I'm new). If you don't agree feel free to type up a long *** message as to why not. Thank you and good morning. Or should I say wake & bake!
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Of course it should be legalized. It has been my experience that most of the Prohibitionists are bible-bangers or so-called, ahem, "christians" (spelled with a lower-case "c" on purpose). They need to mind their own business and stay out of politics because that is a subject in which they know nothing.

Eating it in its decarboxylated form is incredible for pain.

And eating high quality cannabis oil CURES CANCER.

Pretty sure THAT is why this amazing plant is still illegal. But anything I say about that will make me sound loopy.
Look into it though, dammit.

Oh it definitely cures cancer, meanwhile cigarettes cause cancer n kills people everyday but is still legal and sold in almost every store around the world. "The Man" just wants the world to burn and has no regard for human life as long as money is being made