Should Be....

might as well be legalized, it  would chill this country out.

Doxtah Doxtah
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5 Responses Feb 21, 2010

If it was legal nobody would smoke it. It's legal now no fun you be surprised how many cops smoke pot

i thought i was gonna die on salvia, never will smoke that **** again **** that lmao. but yeah the day weed is legal is the day we all look forward to, i cant wait for the day i can just blaze in front of cops.

This nation would get out of debt if they would just treat it like alcohol. When I was younger I smoked to have fun, now I smoke for medicinal purposes and it works only with no head change :(. The disease I have (CMT) comes with a lot of pain and after being on numerous pain meds and then finally landed on Morphine that actually worked a friend suggested I try smoking again. I did and now no longer have to take Morphine. My Dr knows this and is good with it even though he can not "tell me" to keep it up. I never see it being legalized or used medicinally because there is too much money to lose in the pharmaceutical world. I would much rather use something natural rather than man-made.<br />
Being another "natural substance" I am sure Salvia has it's place too but NOT the way they use it on You Tube!!! That is just scary!!!! Even the best of the best pot did not do what Salvia does.

lols ****** Eh !! finally i see a story about pot lol

i cant ****** believe that salvia is legal in the states that **** is something else.....