Medically It Works!

I have been HIV+ for 13 years. When using marijuana, I have no anxiety attack, I feel better about myself, my chronic pain in my knees and back doesn't hurt, my stomach doesn't bother me after taking the med's for my disease. I have now found out that there are long term effects of the med's that will probably cause to be declared disabled. I already have pain and suffering, why keep a plant that god created that is proven to help, away from people that need it's benefits. I catch every sickness when trying to hold down a job. So I get fired because I get sick too much. I am trying to go back to school to get training that will hopefully get me work that my allergies won't affect, my contact with other people will be cut down to a minimum, and hopefully I won't have to bend over and kneal on my knees. With the economy and job situation in the area I live in I am forced to move in and live with my mother. She is a 2+ pack a day smoker and has no desire to quit. If it wasn't for help from the Ryan White foundation, I would be probably dead now.  I hope the gov't. will soon fix  our healthcare system. Right know the only thing that I can do is hope, pray, and try to find a job that will allow me to get through school (2years).

  Then I will be able to get a better job.?... I hope to be able to support myself some day again.

With Marijuana legal, it would allow me to feel better, and relieve pain, and relieve anxiety in a natural way, Not some synthetic crap that causes side effects that kill you or makes you disabled 10 or 15 years later!

Thanks for your time,

J. P.

JerryePlV JerryePlV
46-50, M
Mar 12, 2010