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I had quite an active youth. Motorcycles, football and lot's of other stuff a person can get injured doing.  I had more than one doctor tell me in my younger days I would regrett getting old.  They meant because of the pain and they were right.  But smoke a little bit and the pain subsides or goes away.  Between that the tax revenue the government can generate through legalization, it should be any day now.  It will probably be like giving the vote to the 18 year olds. a little late to do me any good

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Update - I still smoke and live in a state where the "medical" usage has passed and the dispenseries should be up and running by summer time. I can't wait to get hooked up on a regular basis with some good stash.

It is not a gateway is the only way it could be thought of as such... you have to go to a DRUG DEALER to buy it right?? and just like any other sales person they are like try this.... or I'll throw this in for getting this..... I'll tell you the side effects of painkillers are a millions times worse than any thing a little weed might or might not do. Do the research any way they made it illegal because you can make fuel from Hemp ( hemp is pot) and so big money ******** said oh hey lets say this is a drug that alters your perspective ok.... ok here is a little money to make it happen.... open your eyes folks...

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I had to get off 2 meds prescribed by my doctor because the side effects were worse on me than the original malady

Yes drwillywildcat, Marijuana has been know as a gateway drug but not all users end up doing those other drugs. A lot of people just stick to pot. Calling it a gateway drug is just an excuse to say no to legalizing marijuana. Its an ignorant excuse (no offense to you) just like saying the only thing it does for you is that it gives you the munchies! I wish people would open up their minds and realize the real medicinal benefits of marijuana and focus on the other more dangerous drugs such as perscription medications that come from heroin and cocaine and opium aka oxycontin oxycodone hydrocodone etc.