Making You My Sub Part 1

I have just bought you off a very **** previous master. This is my first visit to your apartment.
I knock on your door expecting an instant reply as you are aware I am coming. You make me stand outside for at least two minutes.
When you eventually open the door you are stood there fully clothed I look you up and down and tut in disgust
I step inside and push you outside 'take your clothes off and hand them to me'
You look at me slightly hesitant your master had never ventured outside this very apartment
You give me all your clothes but underwear
'Congratulations for disobeying me you have already angered me now give me them now before I get very angry.
You slip them off and stand there
'Good now wait here while I look around' as I shut the door in your face
You are left outside for 5 minutes fully naked luckily for you nobody comes in this time but I doesn't Change the feeling of complete disrespect you feel when stood there
I open the door and you try to rush In I push you back and say
'No no no when inside the apartment you will always be lower then my **** now get on you knees' you do so and crawl into you own apartment.

You crawl down the hall and into your bedroom where you are told to wait on all fours for further instructions

I walk over to your draws and look in each one on turn
I look back at you 'when in the same room or area as me you must remain on you knees but when out of then you may stand now go and fetch me a trash bag and hurry'
You crawl out of your bedroom then stand and walk to you kitchen fetch a trash bag and walk back you almost forget to get on your knees as entering your bedroom but drop at the last minute
I take the trash bag from you and looking into your draws start putting items into the bag
I say 'get me all sex related items in your house and put them on your bed'
You set to work when you hear 'using only your mouth'
You are forced to pick up all your vibrators and ****** crawling on your knees with your mouth like a dog !
While you do that I take all of your panties and put them in the trash bag.
You are finished you very selective 1 ***** one vibrator and a few condoms and a bottle of lubricant.
You ask me 'what are you doing with my undies master'
I reply 'you have not yet mastered that you will be ready for sex any time it is possible I will call so I will therefor remove these until you understand better and can judge correctly when to wear them'

'Stand up I command'
You slowly rise trying to cover your chest and crotch
I look at you stern and annoyed you slowly lower your hands to your side I ****** them and raise them a over your head.
Your legs tightly held together and slightly crossed
I slap the inside of your thys and tell you to spread them you part them a small amount I slap harder and you push them wide
I look down at your **** and roughly grab your perky nipples
I glance down at your ***** and spot the tuft of pubic hair growing between your legs
I slowly run my hand down your stomach when I get to the small fury patch and yank !!
The pain between your legs almost unbearable makes you flinch and step back.
I step forward and push you onto the bed falling backwards you lie onto your back
'Spread your legs' you look slightly worried but slowly spread your legs
I force them wide

With each word I pull more hair out
You are crying now
'Yes master' you choke
'Remember my rules, I will return tomorrow'
I leave you crying on the bed and let myself out
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I would die..... Sounds intense and strict

I'm guessing she would be pretty good after that...

Was she not....

You need part two..... Lol

Do you like hairless *****?

no it doesn't, I like being the one to Master a man.

Then we can't be together. Too bad...Well, I hope you find yourself a sub/slave.

a brilliant story..i would love somebody to dominate me like this.

OH WOW!!!! That is a brilliant story about me I'm wet, very wet.

*clip clops over to you*