Not A Sin

I was brought up to think that ************ was a serious sin and offended God.indeed I used to go to Confession to confess it. But  for the  last 30 years i have changed my mind.It was just not possible to stop. It offends no one else and as a widower who does not want to be promiscuous, it is the one form of sexual pleasure and relief  thatI have. I think the Church used   he fact that  men could not stop ************ as a way of trying to control their lives, instead of letting  people be respnsible for themselves. I am quite old but I still enjoy it,
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

I think it's a safety valve. I think children should be encouraged to mastur***e at an appropriate age. I know a single mom who encouraged her boys to do that, and she used to be nude with them at home. Did them no harm. She only discouraged the practice while their grandparents were visiting.

I think children should be encouraged to get in touch with their bodies, and explore in an age appropriate way, instead of making them feel dirty. My brother and I mastur..ted in the same room, and a mate and I at 15 did it often together. We played little games with a few girls, exploring etc. Lovely memories. I never once thought it was dirty. Why can it not be so simple and innocent now?

It's just normal until we convince kids it isn't.

Hi Wulfstan,Yes, I was caught doing it first by my dad,who told me it was sinful. I was 9 years old. Another time, my mum caught me and said more or less the same thing. It IS normal to **********. I was abused from the age of 8 by my friends mum and dad but I enjoyed it and the were kind They never forced me to do anything I did'nt like. I enjoyed it greatly and it taught me a lot.