Joycelyn Elders

I was ashamed of our country when this great woman was fired from her White House position just for having the guts to say that ************ was normal and healthy for teens.

I've never understood Americans accepting the violence that is all over our media and entertainment, but a woman accidentally shows a nipple at tge Super Bowl and all hell breaks loose. Why is sexuality so demonized?
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ACTUALLY, Jocelyn Elders was fired because she advocated teaching ************ to ELEMENTARY School students -- and she made this proposal at the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Convention. LOL. Not that there's anything "wrong" with that -- but at the very least I would call this "dumb," not intelligent.

Because of insecurity and immaturity. We lack depth as individuals as a nation to accept on a depper level that sex, including ************ is a normal, healthy thing. We cannot come to terms with our outdated (yet not practiced) double standards. That say, "Appearance is everything!" We are ashamed of our own desires and try to hide them. And as long as that is true will continue to send mixed messages to our children and show schizaphrentic behavior in our decisions and policies as a country. It is beyond morality. It is common sense. And to try to deny and reject, even demonize normal sexual behaviors is ludicrast.

I think ************ is normal but I do not like the idea of the government spending millions of dollars trying to teach young people the one thing that they have always been able to figure out for themselves. Money should be spent on math, reading and science.

it wasn't going to be taking money away from anything, just instead of teaching abstinence during Sex Ed, she merely suggested ************ be taught as well. Particularly in light of how abstinence-only education has failed...

I think her comment, "We need safer guns and safer bullets," is the one that did her in.

Could be part of it, but I'm pretty sure that at the time the White House claimed it was because of her comments about ************. Really, no matter what anyone thinks of her as a political figure, I wish the topic of ************ wasn't held in such a shameful light in this country.

I agree with you. However I believe ************ by women is held in a higher regard than ************ by men.

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