If Every ***** Was Sacred, So Why Flush Them Away?

One of my best friends from work when I was in my late teens was taught by a famous religion that every ***** was sacred. Fair enough, it was his religion, but not mine.

After work we'd sometimes hit the pubs, the chip shop and then back to mine; as I always had a few unopened cans in the fridge. After watching a little late night entertainment (definitely not Walt Disney that was for sure), and as I only had a single bed in that bedsit, I'd be happy to sit on the edge of my bed next to my friend and give my todger some fresh air and the attention it deserved.

My best friend would just sit there with his erection and tell me, "every ***** is sacred and that is why I shan't be ************."

He knew that as soon as my climax was reached and I'd tidied up the spillage, we'd turn out the light and hit the sack. Except for one night, when he said he had to go to the toilet. As I had an ensuite (quite unusual for a bedsit), I could clearly hear him ********** and aim for the toilet when he climaxed. I gave him a round of applause as he'd finally got the idea that every lad does it and could do it somewhere else other than the bathroom.
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It wasn't a real religion it was Monty Python taking the **** out of the Roman Catholic Church from the film "The meaning of life". Watch it & enjoy the stupidity of people who take things like that seriously.

Oh right lol, sadly I think he did take it way too seriously.

LOL :)