i hope we'll one day reach a point in human life where the concept of self pleasure (amongst other things) will no longer be classified as wrong, evil, bad, punishable, and a sin ! in fact its crazy to me that it's not that way yet. human sexuality evolves. our ideas about sexuality should therefore be free to evolve without a fear that this will make us animalistic and wild. sexuality at its purest is passionate, energetic, honest, real, safe and pleasurable. and ************ is such a delightful piece of that puzzle. it's taught me how i like to be touched, where i crave to be touched, how pleasure makes me feel, how good it is to sometimes feel that pleasure ALONE. like they always say about love...u can't love someone until you love yourself *laughs* well i don't think u can fully and honestly appreciate, feel and express pleasure with another until you have had the honour and guilt free privilege to appreciate, feel, and express that pleasure with and by yourself...i don't wanna get too deep about ************ lol. it just is what it is. nothing more, nothing less.
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Indeed. Real self awareness can help with a partner

Well I'm fairly certain that my wof deosn't at all. I do to make up for it & am comfortable with being me, my sexuality & my strange cravings too. Sadly always without her. <br />
I make up for it in other ways. I have to, but always alone :-((

yeah i like that!

and so sad when it doesnt even require you to be with another person. but some of us have been brainwashed to be uncomfortable in our own bodies and with our own sexuality that even when we're alone we hear the echoes of someone else telling us not to do that.

becoming comfortable with one's sexuality is a difficult thing for many people . i think it really takes a little experience to lose our inhibitions and become comfortable with our bodies. clothesfree environments seem to help.

I found a book recently Bette Dodson, Sex for One, The Joy of Self Love. The book is positively fascinating dealing with ************ and human sexuality. I am so excited to read this book. It raised my own sexuality to a higher level and made me appreciate my body and my love of ************. The book has several good illustrations as well. I suggest you enter her name in your web browser to get informed on this wonderful lady.