The Media Rule The World

The media should not rule the world, but in a way they do. THEY choose which stories will and won't be broadcast, and THEY choose the angle of the story they show. What right do they have to decide what is important in our lives?

Leading up to an election the media can choose to show their preferred candidate in a more favourable light and therefore influence some people into voting a certain way.

I also disagree with the way the media treat people in difficult circumstances. Often you will see the media poking microphones into the faces of people who have just had a tragedy in their lives. Don't they have any respect? It is all about getting a good story, and respect for others goes out the window.

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5 Responses Mar 3, 2010

The ancient Classical Liberal System(Authoritarian) Has Had been legitimated in the world media which is the destruction of the world, only for their interests..

I totally agree and something has to be done about it by making people aware of what is happening. In the recent NFL scandal I don't think that the media should be questioning the president of the NFL on TV like he was some kind of criminal. The players that have done bad things like child and spouse abuse should be tried by the criminal system and then the rules of the club would then apply. I think what is happening is that the media does not want anyone with a record to be playing because it is not a good example to kids. I wonder why we need to know who has a criminal record that is employed. Where is the privacy in our lives.

However, you cannot always blame the media, because if they have that much power, that is because people want more.. always more.

you hve brought only negative aspest of media into light....its unfair..MIND YOU.

I can't agree with you more!!<br />
Fcuk the media!!