Yes With Caution

I have some very good female friends. I do find most females to be easier to talk to than most males... at least on a personal level.
I'm not a jock, and I'm not particularly interested in sitting around and watching sports on TV. A nice hike and talk is preferable.
Having said that, I've also met some women who are naturally suspicious and my wife is the jealous that makes thing difficult for me.
I'm not sure if there is room in this world for a man with feelings, so I keep it hidden most of the time. The people that know me best are females, and I would not change that for the world although I do sometimes wish I could find and understanding male to hang with.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Dont you change the fact that your a man with FEELINGS! I love that.. so many menare insecure about acting "sensitive..I also agree w/ what youre saying why ur friend w/ women..the same reason I am friends w/ men...for its also....NO DRAMA...(oops ..hope i didnt make anybody mad!)

I am a guy and I have 5 close friends that are female. They are a big help to me. Whenever I am having dating problems or I need an sympathetic ear they are there as I am there for them.. I couldn't turn to my guy friends for this kind of advise. So there you go. That is why it is important to have not only guy friends but friends that happen to be girls.