Most of Them Anyway..................

 I like to think that they're a lot like us women..... They want acceptance, love, compassion, a warm body to snuggle up to on a winter's night. Someone to shower with the mood strikes. Someone to share their joys & their sorrows with. Someone to come home to at the end of the day, & know that they are loved for everything they are & for all that they're not. That no matter what, they are loved for themselves....warts & all!

Of course then you get the pr!cks that only want sex.... They pretty much make everybody else's job harder. Only because they tend to be the ones we women run into the most. Sheesh! It makes us nervous, so we might miss out on a really great guy because we just finished fending off 3 d!cks.....

Oh well.........C'est La Vie!

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

There are good men and bad men; just like good women and bad women...but mostly in different ways. <br />
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Many women think that the things they want and need like "acceptance, love , compassion, a warm body to snuggle up to on a winter's night." are just naturally the same needs and priorities they have. They think men just have trouble "expressing it". <br />
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The exact same is true of men who think that women want sex and unconnected physical intimacy they feel but somehow women have trouble "expressing it". <br />
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I feel that the subtle yet powerful differences between the sexes isn't a barrier but rather something quite the opposite. If men are educated properly about women, generally they will be able to give freely and with little cost the things you spoke of that many women truly need. <br />
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It is my hope that honest and compassionate education of men and women about the emotional and physical needs, desires, and frailties of the opposite sex will lead to more respectful, loving, and deeper relationships for us all.

Wyn~ There are quite a few of us " Dinosaurs" ( not talking age- but old fashioned values) who want so many of the things you say. As long as each partner gives their 100 %, then we are all good. The real problems arise when one partner gets lazy, and neglects the other. While sex isn't the only thing real men desire, when it's not there in the relationship it tends to get overblown. Personally I adore the sharing, snuggling, companionship, love, frisky showers, nights in the tub soaking ( O.K.~ ALL OF IT)! Yes there are a few dogs out there, and neither women nor men deserve that kind of treatment! WTG

I completely agree with Bass and CapMac. There are a lot of guys just in it for sex, but there are also a lot who are not. Its kind of frustrating that most women assume I'm a pig just because I'm a male. My dream for life is to be married with kids, and I'm not the only guy with that dream.

WynHaven...I totally agree!! I've met some wonderful men here on EP (one right above me in this post as a matter of fact! ) who have shown me that all men aren't the same. I was married for the same man for so long it really distorted my view on men and I thought all men were like him...thank goodness they're not! Otherwise I'd have to go lesbian LOL!

Wyn hon, don't miss out on fantastic love because you're afraid of -just having sex-. Sometimes that's where it all begins to show.

The worst part is that if you actually are sincere you really have to work at gaining a woman's trust because the smooth line predators know what to say and how to act to gain trust. It makes me sick and when I see one here or anywhere else I will out them every time. I always advise all my female friends that time is the best thing to weed them out. The predators don't like to be kept waiting for very long and look for easier targets. Someone who is sincere will always be willing to wait for the physical part of a relationship.