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I'm working under the assumption that this group is about men, being the shallow creatures that they all are (9_9), are after sex and only sex. And, honestly, some of them are. But, let's be fair.  Women are not blameless either. There are women who are out there for only one thing too. (Whether that's sex or money, you decide.)

My purpose in pointing this out is that quality men and quality women are not only looking for sex or money or any other shallow connection in a relationship. Although attraction is definitely a must, they're also looking for something deeper and more meaningful than that. That being said, quality men and women do exist...not perfect men and women mind you (because let's face it, nobody's perfect), but quality men and women. You just have to sift past the jerks to get to them.

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read the female brain and male brain love ya

red the two books the female brain and the male brain written by a lady very enlightning

kuddos for you, for explaining "quality despite imperfect". Works for both sexes imo.

Once again, you're purposefully misinterpreting the story/comments I've made. And, since I've got much better things to do than to argue in circles over the internet, you're welcome to do so. The points I've made stand. Whether or not you will acknowledge that is, frankly, not my concern.

I most certainly will! Especially when you're using such an atrocious accent. =P<br />
<br />
(Since you have one of the most abnormally specific memories out of anyone I've ever met, comparisons are not allowed.)

Minimus, thou shalt not question mah authoritah.<br />
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(jeez, you have a terrible memory ;P )

I reserve the right to roll my eyes when I want Jerkus. :D<br />
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(I totally forgot we had the same nickname! =P)

You and your damn "nine-eyes." Don't judge me, monkey.

Miss G- Hmmm. I acknowledged the fact that at least some modicum level of attraction must exist between two people in order for them to want to pursue a relationship. At no point did I state it was the only priority in a relationship (hence, "something deeper and more meaningful than that") and at no point did I contradict myself...which I'm sure you'll see if you re-read the post.<br><br />
And, as it is obvious that the real meaning of my post went over your head, no apologies are necessary. Hope I was able to clear things up for you! :)

Haha, you may have a point entrepguy.<br />
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Z- 9_9

As a jerk, I resent that last remark. >:P

I think women only play then whole "men are only out for one thing" game to keep men from realizing women only want one thing ; P

Exactly. Just because jerks come in all shapes, sizes and genders, doesn't mean that you ought to paint everyone with that same brush.

Hear, hear :)