Don't Hurt Your Brothers...

Men are not just genitals or bank balances. I'm speaking to all genders with this advice. I am a BDSM Mistress and I treat all males with respect.

Respect Men and They (Most Likely) Will Honour You.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
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I find this advice works with most anyone.Respect,like love,have to be given to taken.I may respect some more than others but I will give it until I have a reason not to.

Where do you find these men here? I mean on which planet exactly? Because quite frankly, I haven't meet one man who would honour any woman who respects them. What I have seen so far is a vast majority of entitled jerks who are obviously thinking that a woman who respects them and treats them right, deserves to be treated like a door mat... Since I am not specifically young, I guess I have seen a lot of examples around me or in my life to be able to say that. to men, women are either bit****or door mats, nothing in between.

Wow... Move away from Planet Jerkoff.... I'm sorry for your experiences.

I'm not like this.

Neoprime, would you care to elaborate?

I made a mistake, misread, sorry.

@Corsicana - While I totally understand your hesitancy to believe that there are any respectful Men who exist on this site, or perhaps at all, I assure you there are and they do. With respect to @TheWomanWhoDid, she did say "most likely" after all. Because of the veil of anonymity that the Internet affords people if they want it, the worst of most of us comes out at one point or another. Unfortunately for too many, it's more often than not. I suppose the key is to, if possible, recognize the signs of douchebaggery and steer away immediately rather than get caught up in their chaos. To be fair, that's not always an easy task. In terms of real life ordeals, while there may be a greater degree of circumstantial control available, it's not even always that easy to navigate those particular moments either. I'm very sorry to hear you've gotten mixed up with some substantial unpleasantness, to put it kindly. Take My word for it, I've had more than My share of some version of the same. Virtual or otherwise, it may not always be completely avoidable, but we can live through it and maybe even thrive upon recovery. Having a good friend and/or significant individual by our sides and/or at our feet along the way can help a great deal too. I wish you the best.

Thank you for your gracious advice to Corsicana.

You're quite welcome.

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Very well said. *hugz*