Men Are Used and Abused Alot More Than You Think

Men are expected in general to be providers.  Alot of women take advantage of that and expect the man to do everything for them and use them.  Other men are abused with crazy women that beat on them and cry domestic violence if the man fights back.  I would not want to be a man.

Take my brother as a prime example, he is dating this girl from work which is all fine, but he lives with his ex for their son at my Mom's house. (long story there in another experience I wrote about it).  His ex is a psycho.  She uses him, holding their son over his head, and leeches off my Mom.  She is very violent, mostly with words.  She verbally abuses him constantly and fights with him all the time for no reason.  I've seen it all with my own eyes. 

The other day, I was sooo mad at her I wanted to go over there and stomp her ugly face in. That's another story, under another experience, so I won't repeat it here. Basically, she was mad he was going on a date and began screaming at him in front of their child and telling the child lies about him and going psycho.  She then was shoving him across the room and hitting, trying to get him to hit her back.

She makes me sick.  Nobody deserves to be treated that way, man or woman, and just because you are a woman, it does not give you the right to hit anyone.  If I hit a man, I would expect he would defend himself.  Men are not given all the props they deserve.  They take alot of **** and due to double standards, are not treated fairly most of the time. 

Hooray for good men! Like my brother, best friend, Hubby, and son! They are the most important people in the world to me and I try to treat them like human beings..not men or women.. just people like me, that have needs and feelings too.

Men rule :)

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You are so right I just got out of a relationship with a women who beat me down verbally for 3 years and before i knew it I was a empty shell of a man. As I came out of the relationship and I started to look for another partner I did not know how to present my self confidently any more and I had a very hard time with just talking and getting to know other women. <br />
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Sometimes I think verbal is just as bad as hitting someone. It can really ruin your life. <br />
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It's not about who gets abused more women or men it needs to stop and the cycle needs to be broken Im still trying to recover from my abuse and it just plain sucks

abusers come in both sexes, the women tend to be more verbal, the men more physical there is the old saying "child beaters begat child beaters" what they were taught as children tends to come thru, but always defend yourself, from the physical or the mental abuse

unicorn59, studies suggest otherwise:<br />
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studies are bull crap all I have to do is pick 5 people to go to with my theory if I get all 5 to go along with my theory then I have a 100% case study nothing different than a cult though because its math ands science combined we think its educational and proven true...

This is true, but men also are abused and taken for granted more than you realize. The point isn't who is more abused, but that men are abused in this world. I too was in a severe abusive relationship, but I don't think anyone should be abused--man or woman.