The Boys

I get stuck babysitting these larger than life biker boys alot! They were a little tipsy when i was summoned . Imagine 6'2,6'4 and 6'5 . First we fixed my shirt,then we played spin the bottle ...i was the bottle ,then they were finally calm and quietly talking amongst one another hurray ! Some crazy woman standing in the doorway says"hey you no ******* on the bar" (which the don't) They asked each other if they had said that! Hey lady we didn't say it , but since you did we are going to pee on you(they were kidding) they chased this woman into the parking lot and came back in. She ran like a jack rabbit!This sounds bad to some, believe me these three are so much can't help but love them.
redheadsrule redheadsrule
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Sound like yur have a good time enjoy!

Aww you are such a sweety.