Do I Ever ....

I totally  believe this ... I know there are good guys out there somewhere ...  Just not in my world . take Jake for instance ... he  knows how to manipulate me ... very well . Although its not working this time. I dont even want anything anymore though . I want to just be alone . I have enough Drama in my life to think about a man especially one six hours away . Who knows all my buttons to push .
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The main problem with Man is that his Assigned role has changed. For several thousand years he has been designated as the one in charge and as such women have more or less been considered property. Until the twenty century that began to change....(women still could not vote until the Twentith Century.) Men's jobs became less dangerous and less stressful and more civilized and then he begins to believe that since he is incharge that he is ENTITLED. Entitled is the Key word here. They bring home the main pay check and there fore they are entitled to what ever.....what ever being sex, respect, messing around , spending money on a new part for a truck instead of asking you if you want some new clothing. My recommendation to all women is to go get yourself trained in a community college to be an X-ray technician, Lab Tech or some other CERTIFICATE PROGRAM where you are sure to make enough money on your own where you can make your own way if Dumb *** gives you too much static. If your pay check is as big as his or almost that big he will treat you as being more valuabe if he is smart. If not he will loose you because you don't need him. I hate to say it but it is almost as if men have to be barganed daughter is a school teacher so she is lucky in that she has a back-up of a good job if her marriage goes to hell. So far she holds her own against A Bruce Willis type who was a foot ball Coach and now Assistant Principle.... he tried to talk to her like she was one of his students and that didn't work...he had to appologize. It is also hard for men to appologize......if you haven't noticed. Viking men had good women...they were trained to manage the home and they had smaller axes than the men carried to fight off any thing or man that came near them looking for trouble. They were not sitting back waiting for the man to do anything because he was out (doing business) When the Viking man was not raiding he was trading pigs and other such things. He was tired when he got home. Todays man is not tired after work physically. If he was he would not treat his wife like property. He would be glad he had her with him for comfort and companionship. Yall go get trained in something if your not so you can tell your husband to wake up and pay attention. Or he will just keep on thinking he can get by doing what ever he wants and you can't make it on your own and that you are stuck there with him. Good luck ladies.

hmmm the comment from Em or my approach to men ?? in the likeness of both neither one offend me ... I was Stupid for falling for it again .. and again .... but i've traded in my gullible /stupid card for being a singleton .. which is just as fulfilling and less annoying .

I wish I new where to begin to address the above comment. Suffic e to say, I willl follow my Grand mother's advice: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." is my response:________________________________________________________________________________!!!

I understand your point. But in all fairness... some days don't we females think MEN are stupid??!! If you're like me, you're not necessarily stupid... just GULABLE! ;P