No Consequences ...

First - I will start this experience by saying that I DO NOT hate men. In fact - I love men - too much for my own good probably.

The family dynamic that I was raise in was completely matriarchal. In fact - I was the only female in my family that did not have complete and total dictatorship over their household.

In my opinion, men in this day and age get off of any responsibilities WAY too easy.  In relationships, in marriage, in cheating, in pregnancies. 

Perfect example: Woman and man are dating. Woman gets pregnant - man runs.

Another example: Married man and woman are dating. Wife finds out, and the woman is villifed - not the man. Nope.

OK - so with the above examples - you can say there are exceptions to the rule, and I beleive that.  I am telling you from the experience in MY life, this is what has happened.

My sister was the perfect example of the pregnancy. The man just walked - goodbye.

My father was the second example of the cheating husband. My mom villified all the women my dad slept with, and he never had to take ownership of his actions - and one of the women was her best friend! 

I am not saying all people do this - but when I read stories liek this, it brings up emotions in me that I have repressed for a really long time. 

I wish that when a man (or a woman) realizes that they both consent to having a relationships - either sex only or more - that the consquences are not considered as an afterthought, but as a forethought. 

Please - it hurts too much when the ground rules are not in place.  Maybe we should amend the amendments to read' 'thou shall not abandon thy pregnant woman', and 'spouses shall condemn the cheating spouse AND the other woman/man' [ok tongue in cheek]. 

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Miss girl it goes both ways and to men its work

You know - I was actually thinking that very same thing about ED whn I saved this and thought 'oh no....' and I just laughed!!! Someone already added the 'I pee standing up story' to it!! yahoo!! I love werid topics.

It's unfortunate that you and your family encountered men who behaved in such ways. Clearly they do not deserve the distinction of stand-up elimination.<br />
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It can go both ways with women, also, but I'm not going to get into that here. It looks like you were looking to vent, and there's really nothing to gain by trying to convince you not to vent. :) <br />
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Have a good one.

LMAO... I did....

Ok, who else thought this group was going to complain about premature ej@culation?

Everyone does... hahaha

Damn whattup - I think I really need to read your stuff more ... :)

The 10 commandments were never any good at preventing bad behavior. <br />
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I'm no fan of men, either. If you haven't yet, you should check out my "Because men Suck" story lol.