And A Partner Has The Right To Be Throat-******.. Without Limits.

As the partner of a guy who loves to throat-**** me, and as I am someone who adores being throat-******, I think it is a mans right, to use their partners mouth as and how they see fit, and, in my case, my right to have my man do it to me like this.

Its his ***, that is goign to happen, and he should be able to work himself up to his ***/******, in the way he best likes to do; I put my mouth entirely at his disposal, for him to use, and this is true for his ****, as it is for any other uses he wants to put it too.

Personally I adore the feeling, as he face-***** my mouth, and throat; As his ****** builds and he gets rougher, and more vilent, I adore the feeling of being 'violated', of being 'used', to his pleasure-ends....

I'll useually start, or rather we will, rather more sedately, with my tongue and lips exploring him, bringing him to full-attention, and then, as his **** grows, and he gets more turned-on, he'll start taking control, as he should, and directing my attention to where he requires it.

There is a particular chair, at his, which works out perfect for us, as its the right height, and he'll stand, his trousers down, or off, next to it, and grab my head, turning it to the side, and towards his ****, and then using his hands on my head, thrust himself into my mouth, whilst his hands pull me on to him, and his hot tasty ****...

I adore a bit of S&M, or BDSM as well, and so another thing I love, is when He gets so deep inside me, all eight inches, thrust into my thoat, and I am unable to breath. The mix of fear, as I can't breathe and lust, for his ****, blends fabulusly, and I'll be soaking wet in my panties by now, getting so turned on by his dominating me and throat ******* me to his own tempo and power/force.

I'll swallow, my throat, whilst he's burried deep inside and he must love teh feeling of this, as his grunts and sounds of pleasure contest, he i aware I cna't braethe at this point, and will let his **** sit there, starving me of oxygen, until he thinks it is getting dangerous, then move out a bit, letting me take a breathe, before he starts face and throat-******* me again.

Then it gets to that* moment; I feel his **** head grow even bigger, inside my throat, and I can tell he's close to *******.... And then he spasms, the **** twitching and convulsing as it shoots it load into me; either into my mouth, if he's drawn himself out a bit, to let me taste it, or simply shooting it deep down, straight into my belly.... God I love ***, and *****...
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You can't quite breathe, if he's big, as it cuts off the air flow to the windpipe; but his **** is in your gullet, pointing down into your stomach, so the *** shoudln't* end up in the lungs... you can kinda breathe through your nose, as I say, unless he's big, or depending on the angle, as it can then cut off the airflow through from the nose, and across the area at the back of the throat to the windpipe..

wish i could experience that

Its such a fabulus feeling, wehn he cuts off my oxygen, with his ****; a mixture of fear and excitement.... I love it when he's really doing it purposefully; I'll be down on my knees, looking up at him, as he cuts off my oxygen supply, with his **** deep inside my throat; and I'll start being starved of oxygen, looking up, into his eyes, and he looking back, his eyes saying 'take it ****, suffocate on my ****', and he'll judge how starved of oxygen I am, and when he thinks I've had as much as I can take, just move his **** out a bit, let me take a breathe and then start again, face ******* me and filling my throat.... The lightheaded feeling probably adds to it too, at that point... Kinda dreamy as I brush with the edge of unconsciouness..

oh all the time i love it in the mouth then i take it deep/hard in my buttpussy mmmlove the ***

I love the taste of *** so much, but also love the feeling of being ****** hard in my boycunt, and feeling his **** explode deep inside me, so its often a hard descision to make, as to where he's going to ***, inside me, each time... His choice of course, and he likes to vary it, which is nice.... Mind, I love eating his *** out of my panties, when it leaks out of me after a good hard ****..

that;s why i wear pads in my underwear with pr rubber pants over them love too keep his *** in me a few days mmmmmmmmmmmmfeels so good .


Thanks... Not much I can say, though, Its just the way I am, and the way I like my life to be, with my man... As I keep having to remind him, I think I was born to be a ****... and its genetic... (well, that's my escuess and I'm sticking to it!)