A School Or Classes

Yes,that's it,women should give them lessons,start up a school or a kinda summerschool with classes,like even women anatomy,woman psychology,...Plus there should be no easy way to pass,90% or more to get a degree or...See you back next time!

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4 Responses Jun 9, 2008

Luckely not all men ar ethe same CopperCoil so i do think some of them will want to show up and would want to pass.

the only people who would show up for that class is women. men would rather not get a degree if that was a prerequisite.

I read lots of books and stories on sex when I was younger, and when I was a teenager I used oral sex to almost always get my girlfriend off before we had intercourse, when I 'got mine.' My problem isn't pleasing, or not pleasing, a woman sexually; my problem is my wife so rarely wants sex with me I now have to ********** to reach ******. Just like when I was a single teenager w/o a girlfriend. Sigh

WOW! I WAS JUST thinking this the other day!!! :O Men have ALOT of eronious info on women's abilities, needs, wants, and desires! I'd love to blame it on the "locker room" talk, but fact of matter is: I blame it on MOTHERS!! Mothers STOP leaving it up to the dads for the birds and bees shop talk!! Step in and TEACH your sons the truth; no matter how red faced you BOTH might end up! I have to respect my ex-mother-in-law for one thing she straight up TOLD my ex hubby, she said: Son, a man is pretty well guarenteed to "get off" during s3xual activities; DON'T YOU DARE.... until you know your woman has FIRST!!" roflmbo! Wish she'd taught him the fundamentals of how to stay outta jail! :( lol