Humiliation And Slave Training

Humiliation is a favored way to begin to create the idea of control in a Master and slave relationship, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its own specific ways to work well - and to not work well for a relationship.
By learning the techniques of humiliation as well as when to use it, you can use this as an effective slave training tool.

The trick with humiliation is that many Masters will jump right into using this as a way to train their slaves - without any regard to whether or not this will work for their training purposes. In the initial discussions about slave training, the slave should have told the Master that this is something they enjoy or it's something that can be used to help mold their behaviors as the training continues. When this is not discussed and simply just used at the Master's whim, many problems can occur. If the slave has had any background of true abuse and humiliation (instead of this "play" usage), they can often become emotionally scarred by its use.
When you simply start humiliating the slave and they don't want this in your relationship, it can cause them to not trust you to keep them safe as well as to become intimidated by you. They might revert to the slave behaviors that you want, but you may also be crumbling them as a person outside of the relationship.

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Very well written

Beautifully said!

Personal experience tells me how wise your words are. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Very informative and helpful.

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