Most Definitely

Okay, men always seem to put on this tough guy "i have no feelings because I'm a terminator" routine where they try not to let people see that things hurt their feelings, or they don't like when their girlfriends/wives/partners talk to someone of the opposite sex. I SHOULD KNOW. My boyfriend told me straight off the bat that he doesn't get jealous, that he's just "not that kind of person". About a year into our relationship, we got into this huge fight (he was mad at me for walking off, I was mad at him for not following) and we were put on hold for a few days. In those few days, my best guy friend confessed how much he liked me and that he wanted to be with me. My boyfriend and I reconciled and I told him what had happened, trying to get him to see that he's not the only one out there. He said he wasn't surprised, but didn't seem to show anything else. A few months later however, we got into the subject of jealousy, and he let it slip that he didn't like how I got to hang out with this guy friend all the time who liked me, while he didn't get to see me as often (long distance relationship).
The fact of the matter is, no matter how "tough" and "emotionless" guys come off, they're still human underneath the skin, and they still feel things that, even if they don't like them, they can't ignore. Men need women. Women are willing to admit when they're sorry or when they're jealous or they don't like something. Guys thing that just because they don't say that stuff, it makes them stronger. Wrong. Takes a strong person to admit that kind of thing.
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18-21, F
Sep 10, 2010