Ya' Know?

Men need women and women need men, it's really as simple as that.

What's not so simple is getting to such point, ya' know?
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
28 Responses Oct 14, 2010

Oversimplification leads to not learning. While it is simple enough to say men need women, the real question is why? This is what we spend a lifetime learning....

Mkayyy blue avvy, savior of the universe.

it seems like you guys all have bad days i am always happy you got to make the best of life just be chill


....theresa concept here.... i was just saying random crap for no reason .....its what i always do


Yay for Kitty!

hha kitty that was a good thing to do dont be sorry ...and sometimes woman need woman hehe....at least in my fantasies

*kitti runs in begins singing * what the world needs now is love .. sweet love .. its the only thing that theres just too little of !=-D... sorry that was random ..

and vice versa!

lol JP yeah not all men need women!

I slept all day long so no complaints. Going to workout in an hour.

i did.......and i'm not damnit i look like crap and am proud of that and shes already got a boyfriend ......all i want is for her to be happy thats all that matters to me


awww well then it should be a great da.....i'll kick their *** ....will that make it a great day haha

how was your day

Yeah sounds good to me then.

because I was busy but I had fun<br />
<br />
someone was fuckking rude, but I got over it..

why was it okay?

no, but this day was okay :)

Crappy days are no fun!

Aww :(<br />
<br />
go after her! I don't understand y u can't tell her..your gorgeous..she'll fall 4 u

aaawww.....and its true....i'm hopeless without the girl i love

Mehhh I'm okay despite having a crappy day xD

I am okay I suppose. How are you?

not much..how are you doing lion?

what's up cinnamon stick?

hey Tommy xD

no clue..