Yes I Agree

No doubt about it from experience a man needs a woman at the end of the day.  I know a few men who have stayed single their whole lives but they tend to be eccentric in one way or another and find their love for life in other ways. However I doubt it really matches up to a woman's love.
mariekharaz mariekharaz
2 Responses Mar 29, 2011

Yup, you are right. Men fight wars for love, they place themselves in debt for love, they work they ***** off for love. Why? Because men know that a good woman is worth dying for, will return to him more than what he is in debt for, and will share the fruits of his labor in love.

You don't have the right to talk about our love Marie. And only who ever experienced love can share. If you read the roadless travelled , you will stop thinking or believing in love. Everything become relative and real because M B Scott showed experience with real poeple and gave definitions to what is not love to make it easy understanding dam love. This helped me a lot , but men need women and this is a fact and so my dear Marie women do. Like the day and night relation. Sex is not what I meant by this need....because it is easy for both of them to have sex anytime without any problem...I mean emothions and feelings that are really not love too and Love eventually comes or appears....