Enchanting, Frustrating...

I need women. You are bewildering, magical, wonderful. Without your gorgeous enigmas, what is there? Or, what excitement exists.
I adore you women.
But why do you confuse me so much?
Sacron11 Sacron11
46-50, M
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Aww a really special post :) *magical, wonderful* ... I think men are wise, curious and brooding; yet I must say, can be also quite confusing lol

That's the winning sauce! Your unadulterated aperçus is accurate. There is nothing without us; I am glad that you understand.<br />
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Why do we confuse you? The same reason we cannot understand why you can't see the difference between white/bone/cream/eggshell/pearl/vanilla/cornsilk paint. Actually... I don't know why men really can't tell the difference... so I don't have the answer either. First time for everything.

Know what really bothers me? No, of course you don't. You don't know me. So I'll tell you:
She, "Where's my blue cup?" He, "Don't know." "Well, you had it." "I did?" "Yes and I warned you not to take it outside." "Hum." "Well, look in your car, where I told you not to leave it." "It's not there." "How do you know?" "I just do." "Well just go out and check. Please." (five minutes later) He, "Not there." She, "Am I going to have to go out there and find it?" "It's not there." (hurrump noises, stuff banging around, door opens and closes with a vague, "...and hope I don't find it ...") She, "Recognize this?" He, "Ah, yeah, I guess." "Know where it was?" "Well how..." "Now, where it was?" "Look, I ..." "I'll tell you," her voice rising, a hint of mockery, "it was in your car. On the passenger seat. And the coffee spilled and you've got a stain on your fancy leather seats. And I told you that would happen. Didn't I? Well?" "The seats will be okay." "I told you this would happen. Right?"
Now, come on Red (and Tendereyes and Hedo if you read this), that's just unfair. How am I supposed to remember everything in world? How am I supposed to see a tiny cup on my seat?
More to the point, how do you remember everything? See everything (and I swear, know what I'm thinking sometimes)?
See why I'm upset? In fact, I may become despondent. I may need love to make me feel better. Yeah, that could help.

I can help with some cold hard facts: women are biologically programmed to remember every word a member of the opposite sex says. This same part of the brain can find every little thing you lose. Including a cup. Side note: I think you should see a doctor if you aren't more concerned about coffee spilling on the fancy leather seats in your car... that's about #5 on the "things that will make grown men cry" list... Oh, and I hope you don't have personalized license plates...that **** is never witty ok?

No, only insecure guys have vanity plates. Ergo, I don't.
I don't care about the leather seats much. True. Stains give character. You ought to see some of my guitars and amps. Still have 30 year old beer stains.
But, taking your advice, I did visit my trusty male doctor. He says I'm fine. In fact my arms, which have always been long and hairy, have grown nicely of late. Now they're positively furry. Best of all my knuckles actually scrape the ground when I walk. Now is that personal growth or what?

Like to chat sometime? I can speak with some knowledge about ... lemmie think ... ah ... Well, I'll think of something.

You two are wonderful. I won't get cute: just because you're smart and freaking sexy.

Don’t feel confused sweety; just understand each gender has its own natural dynamic. I got to worship, love, get a high on or whatever...on you (men) after reading John Gray’s Men are from Mars n’ Women from Venus. <br />
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Sorry, I more then adore you since lately I learned the single ***** travels 10 hours all alone to reach the egg and understood why you (men’s) have such determination and also why always on missions for us women. That being said...<br />
<br />
You can’t start feeling confused, us woman gender also need you for whatever reasons we may feel wanting you, yes you, eum yes you Sacron...lol