I Know That's Right!

I really should have looked for a group that said I Know Men need Women! You don't know this? I sure do I know everyone need someone that is a male phased statement. I have nothing against man but this! :) Most! Men has too much pride! Too much to admit when they are wrong. Instead they come up with reasons that are out of place instead of just admitting they are not right about everything. They may say I know I am not perfect but I never know when they make a mistake. Most men fail to realize HUmbleness is a HIGH quality in a man. Most men loves a woman UNdivided attention therefore it should be equal. Most men tend to be lazzy as possible although they may work cook and wash their cloths this too is excellence in a man. I strong say That men do need woman. Even God agreed because he said, "It is not good that a man be alone" Genesis 2:18
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Remember Lilith? that's my type.


Lilith was hot!