No - Whats The Point.

Men and women are different. We never ask you to experience that sex drive that makes us do things beyond crazy in order to get release.

Men don't really laugh at a woman's period, but the stories of what men will do to have sex run from scary to laughable.

Vive la différence.
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Men need not experience a period to know what pain is like, or hormonal swings. Many I know have empathy with women. I have to laugh at your assertion that the high sex drive and the crazy things one will do to attain release is limited to men, though. Ye gods, man. :-D

I'm not saying women don't have high sex drives. Some have it crazy high. But you'll never know what a guy's sex drive feels like, as we will never know what your sex drive nor period feels like. And "they will **** anything" is more apropos of men then women.

Fair enough. Christopher Ryan says some interesting things about men's testosterone in his book Sex at Dawn. Apparently there have been studies where a woman received high doses and was freaked out at how all she did was think about sex, and a man had a reduced level and was shocked at how it changed him.

And now I need you. Go figure. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

Periods suck!!!!!

i'm sure - no man questions that.

the point is lack of understanding<br />
<br />
while i never have had one my second love did have them and i saw the apin and suffereing she went thought<br />
<br />
but i also learned how to make a lot of it better for her and where to touch and hopw to touch and rub and just hold her

Your argument supports my position; "i never have had one" is followed by "i also learned how to make it better". So you understand yet you don't feel the need to make your partner go through what it is like to be climb-the-walls-horny as a quid pro quo.

Sympathy is enough. Everyone doesn't need to empathize with everything uncomfortable.

you should do it out of love if for no other reason