The Hand

I love it when a charming gentleman takes me softly by my hand and gently brings it to his lips........I kindof get memeorized by it.....than the barely there kiss comes. The warmth from contact.
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It's not a story. I want to comment on hand kissing but the format for new people is a bit overwhelming in that it is so controlled by selection. In any case,holding a woman's hand briefly upon meeting is cool - kissing hands, of course, at weddings and other gatherings that are invites or known associates is OK, but generally kissing of hands by men could result in an embarrassing glitch, or worse. So many women consider such things as harassment.. I know of one case where flowers were left by a door and the poor guy was drug into court. Anyway,knowing is better than assuming.

YOU a aWINNER!!!!!!

I kiss my wife's hand quite often to show love, respect, and affection.

she is a lucky woman

WHITE SPIRIT? thank u for acknowledging me.

i love that i do it to my gf she almost melts

ahhhhhhhhh you are doing the right thing than

thank i sometime eels liek she mite think its sappy

practice makes perfect :)

We have lost so much of those type of things - opening doors, standing when a lady enters the room, serving ladies first in a restaraunt - all of those proper etiquette type things! Its really a shame because in 20 years forget about all off it because they will not even be able to communicate because today communication is via text in shortform LOL...the hand kiss will not have a chance!<br />
Nice thoughts of nice things though. Hoping I am wrong!

It is a fine art, I do think and Ibelieve u are right.

its a nice ex<x>pression of tenderness .. But can you do it to a stranger ???

depends on the strager. I was once a socialite(married).......many smart and very good looking gentleman has done so on my hand...but the funny thing is they lacked the energy. I was very dedicated to my X husband.

I love romance................not so much the books.'''''BAH).............but the art of suduction has so many levels. A kiss on the hand is very seductive, if it is done right and of course who is doing it