How To React When They Kiss Your Hand?

I have only experienced my hand kissed a few times. Once with my ex-boyfriend and it was nice and soft. Second time was a random guy who danced with me at a party and I did not even know his name (it was a masquerade ball so I did not even see behind the mask- although later I found out he is married and kinda have open relationship with his wife. Creepy! -Anyway,). They both felt nice, it makes you feel adored :)
However I do not really know how to react when guys do it. I usually just smile. lol. I need advice from more experienced people about this.
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6 Responses Nov 23, 2011

I still do that when it is appropriate.

No I kiss my sister;s hand;

its very classy I agree!

smile is good and giving the other hand for kiss is better...:))

I believe its a intimate romantic jesture given to you from an adourer, I would just feel flattered about it and smile :)

I agree, I think there should be more chivalry ... like if you give a girl a kiss on the cheek she thinks you don't like her! Not all girls but many... but really if I guy is frenching your tongue out yeah sure he thinks your hot, but if you get a lingering kiss on the cheek it means he likes YOU.

I would kiss you hands every time I see you, every time you *** to me, every time we are together... Kissing is the prelude to kissing other parts of the body, is an antisipation of things to ***, is the most elegant. romantic and acpted way of sying: I am attracted to you and woudl like to have the opportunity to kiss the rest of your body...