Why Not!

This romantic gesture has been around for this long and has been proven to help bring back true intimacy into our society as well as set a great mood for the whole time you and your partner are together
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I think it's a cute idea!! Totally romantic and sorta cavalier... I could get use to it!! I just know tho that hubs would bite me while he was kissing cause he ALWAYS does that to my neck...but I like that too!! :D

Kissing on the hand sounds fine, its just that the hand is not in the top several places that come to mind when I want to kiss her... :-)

I can totally see the potential in this......I was just thinking it was pretty "wiggly" to feel a tongue touch the tender spot between my fingers...... I can roll anything into a good time!! :D

:D ♥